Our Chocolates

Toronto ChocolatesWe are passionate about what we do and believe that our passion can be tasted in our product. Being of firm conviction that you get out of your chocolate exactly what you’ve put in it, we start with the best chocolate available. Valrhona and Michel Cluizel are French chocolate manufacturers known for their clean human rights record and integrity (all the beans are fair or direct trade), smoothness and distinctive aromas and tastes, which reflect their single origins.


Taste Combinations

Next are the non-chocolate ingredients. They are carefully matched with each individual chocolate’s taste profile to produce un-imitable taste combinations. We blend them in small batches to ensure they are always fresh. While continually tweaking our current selection we surprise you with new and unexpected flavor combinations every new season. The experimenting never stops – this is the fun part…

Everyone Deserves Great Chocolate

In addition to providing you with original treats you won’t find anywhere else, we use socially responsible chocolate and packaging (the cocoa beans are direct trade; the packaging is recycled and recyclable) and we make sure that the treats you are buying, be they a gift to yourself or someone else, are affordable and accessible to all. Everyone deserves to have great chocolate in their life!